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    Starry Chemical

    About Starry

    Shanghai Starry Chemical dedicates significant resources to researching, manufacturing and marketing high-tech, high performance and fast growing functional chemicals in the lubricant industry.



    Our R&D center was expanded in 2014. It's bigger than 1,200 m2. There are two R&D groups, including Chemical synthesis, Application research and Technical services. 10 professional technical experts are working in the center.

    With an idea of “More than additive, Exactly your formulation”, we have an in-depth study of various additives and their application performance. After years hard work, we have made a breakthrough on molecular synthesis, application assessment including Gear Oil Package, Antioxidant, EP and AW additive, Biocide, Phosphate ester, Corrosion inhibitor. We have facilities such as Microtap, Four-ball, FT-IR, GC, and HPLC, UV, salt spray cabinet, simulation reactor and many other analytical and test instruments.