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    Starry Chemical

    About Starry

    Shanghai Starry Chemical dedicates significant resources to researching, manufacturing and marketing high-tech, high performance and fast growing functional chemicals in the lubricant industry.

    Core Business


    Lube Oil Additive

    Odor-les Gear oil Package, Antioxidant, Extreme Pressure Additive, Anti-wear additive, Corrosion Inhibitor, etc. Widely used in gear oil, engine oil, industrial lubricants, and greases. 

    Brake Fluid &Antifreeze

    Starry Chemical's Inorganic/Organic/Semi-Organic antifreeze CI package.
    Representing DOW Chemical as the distributor for its Brake Fluid and BTG business.

    Metalworking fluid additive

    As the leading company in this market, our customers includes BP Castrol, Quaker, Houghton, Yushiro Chemical, Master Chemical, Total, PetroChina, Sinopec, and many local private-owned company. 
    With the strong R&D capability as support, Starry chemical is able to provide customized additives and formulating service, helping customer to shorten the time of product development and reduce the R&D cost. 

    Metalworking Fluid Package and finished product (Toll Blending)

    We have more than 25 years of lubricant experience in China, including additives, formulation and application know-how in the real-world operation. So we are able to provide products customization, training and toll blending solutions.